Local SEO is a search engine optimization technique that supports local businesses rank in local searches on search engines, such as Google and Bing so that potential customers can find your place in your demographic area. For example, “Real Estate Agents Near Me” or “The Best Real Estate Agent in Chicago.”


A Real Estate Agent Salary


a real estate agent salaryIf you do not have a website, make one immediately.  Keep in mind that when people want to search for a real estate agent, they will probably go online.  Additionally, when somebody searches for real estate agents, you want to have your name pop up so that you are easy to find.  Having a local SEO strategy and a website is crucial because you want to be ranked on search engines’ front pages. For people to find your services, you need links directing other people to your website.  


Nobody will find you when they do an internet search if you do not pop up on Google’s first page.


With that being said, in this section, you’re going to learn how to make your real estate service appear number one in Google when somebody searches, “real estate agent near me.“


First before we get started here make sure that you have already indexed your website with google.


How to Rank #1 on Google


  1. The very first step to take if you want to write locally is to make sure that you have local search terms in all of your pages on your website. Ideally, have these terms not just in your contact us page but on every page.


2. Second thing to do is include your full address in all of your webpages, including your blogs.  When doing this include your street, city, state, and ZIP Code. Although you can put the address in the footer of your website ideally it should be near the top of the page somewhere.


  3. The third thing to do is write in every page of your website, including blogs, pages the names of all of the locations that you’re interested in working in.  Type the neighborhoods, city, state, ZIP Code, and add as much geographic information that you possibly can in every page and blog post on your website.


  4. Create a contact us page for your website and put in as much geographic information in there as possible including a map that Geotags the territory that you want to concentrate on working in.  Additionally, when you include geographic information make sure that you put it in bold so that Google’s algorithms will grab it and rank you on the first page of Google.


  5. Put important keywords on your contact us page.  The term “real estate agents near me “gets over 27,000 monthly searches and is a decent search term to include on your blog post.  If you decide to use the search term real estate agent near me then be sure to do it on your contact us page and do it with H2 tags at the top of the page.


  6. The next thing you want to do, so that you are found on the first page of Google, is to find other reasons to mention the city and ZIP Code in the body of the text in your websites.  And when you do this, use the h2 Tag whenever possible.  Also, whenever you are typing a geographic location make sure that you put it in bold.

A Real Estate Agent Salary


   7. Include location names in your file names.  For example, on every page, including your blog post, make a custom URL to say “Real estate agent near me” at the end.  For example, if you have the website Jessicasellshouses.com you would have the custom URL to say Jessicasellshouses.com/realestateagent near meAdditionally, every photo that you upload onto your website make sure that the “alt” tag says “a real estate agent near me.”  Additionally, Include the city name in your title and description meta tags.  Furthermore, include city and state names in link text when linking from other sites to yours.

   8. You should think carefully about what location terms are truly important.  Different types of searches use different types of location terms. For example, when people search for insurance, they often search with a state name: home insurance in Colorado, renters insurance in Texas, and so on. For real estate, people usually search with the city names or even neighborhood names.  With that said, use the previously mentioned local SEO strategies but try to localize yourself as much as possible with specific key terms.  To check the power of your key terms, and how well you will rank using a specific term go to UberSuggest.com and begin checking the strength of keywords that will help you rank number one on Google.


   9. Next, do you want to go to google webmaster, and set the geographic target setting to the region that you are trying to concentrate your real estate business on.  If you go to google webmaster you can register your real estate business for local search and Google will begin to crawl and identify all the previous steps that you went through and take notice that you optimize your website and begin to rank you geographically.


   10. The next thing you want to do is add or claim your business to google and you do this by going into Google and searching for “how to add my business to google.“  if you scroll down on the first page you will be able to find how to add your business to google.  After you find how to claim your business on google follow all of the steps and include as much detail to all of the information that you provide as possible.


  11. The final step to optimizing your local search results so that you appear number one on Google when someone is looking for a real estate agent is start obtaining backlinks and submitting to local directories, including review sites.  Ask everybody you know with the website to post a link  from their website to yours. Google ranks SEO Authority based upon how many backlinks that has.  Google believes that the more backlinks a website has the more important it is because the algorithm assumes that the reason why people are linking to the website is because the content is valuable and work linking to. With that said, make sure to get as many links as possible to your website. 


Search on Google for local directories in your area and begin submitting your website into those directories.


Furthermore, go into all of your social media accounts and put your address in as many places as you can.  Also, make guest post and blogs, have people who have websites that you know of put your business address on their websites and promote this content.  And then lastly go onto local review sites, such as yelp, create a business profile, put in all of your company information, including your website and your address.  It is important that you put your address just so that Google recognizes you and gives you more authority in ranking you as number one when somebody searches for a real estate agent in your area.


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