Become A Real Estate Apprentice.  Find a Mentor To Become A Successful Agent. 

Statistically, 90% of real estate agents will fail within the first two years of being licensed.  As a newly authorized real estate agent, your window for finding success is short-lived and you cannot afford to waste these precious years trying to gain knowledge from any biased or unqualified sources.   

A REAL ESTATE AGENT SALARYInstead, it would be best if you considered finding a mentor as the mentor/protege relationship is the most efficient and productive form of learning and an excellent way to increase your real estate agent salary.   

A Real Estate Agent Salary

A new licensee should create real estate agency relationships, build a rapport with a successful real estate agent,  and the new licensee should follow the footsteps that the successful real estate agent took  to help them achieve success.

The benefit of an apprenticeship is that your mentor will teach you the steps they took to become a successful real estate agent and guide you down the same path.   It would be a wise move to develop these real estate agency relationships, and inherit the skills from the masters in the field, even if it means working for free.

A real estate agent salaryAdditionally, by going down the same path of success with your  mentor, you will inherit their many years of experience, you can learn from their previous failures so that you do not make the same mistakes, you will make new connections, and a there is a possibility that you can inherit their clientele at one point.  Nonetheless, learning from a mentor, and networking with their connections, is a great way to begin gaining recognition in the real estate industry and start building a clientele base of your own,  which is necessary to begin earning a real estate agent salary.  

Furthermore, if you begin an apprenticeship with a successful real estate agent, you would be doing both of yourselves a favor because you could start hosting open houses for them, taking on more responsibilities, and ultimately open more doors for yourself to become a successful real estate agent. 

Lastly, another benefit of becoming an apprentice for a successful real estate agent is that they will give you immediate feedback on your work practice so that you would have the opportunity to improve yourself as a real estate agent at a rapid pace.  

Through an apprenticeship/mentor relationship, you can develop both a work ethic and routine that contains great power that can be applied to your real estate practice to ensure that you become a successful real estate agent.   

A Real Estate Agent Salary

A Real Estate Agent SalaryAs you work with your mentor you will learn more skills and develop your own style of efficient work practices and you will become more independent, creative, and develop your sense of branding and begin to feel confident to journey off start moving towards starting a real estate practice practice of your own.   It is a journey where you will find your success as a real estate agent due to everything you have learned from your apprentice/mentor relationship.  

No matter how much success you find as a real estate agent, you should continue to make new connections, reach out to more associations, and continue to brainstorm new ideas for expanding outward and finding more success for yourself.    


How A Real Estate Agent Can Find A Mentor 

A Real Estate Agent SalaryAs mentioned, one of the things that can make an enormous difference as a successful real estate agent is to have a high-quality mentor who can guide you in your path. Some real estate agents have more than one mentor to answer their questions and advice.  

Usually, your first mentor is your real estate broker. But if you want to improve your skills and your real estate agent salary, it is also imperative to seek other mentors who can boost your experience and education.  

Below are some tips of how you can find excellent real estate mentors as a real estate agent.  

  1. Network

a real estate agent salaryNetworking is vital if you want to be a successful real estate agent. Connecting with other real estate agents can have many benefits as you can meet people who can refer clients to you or who might advise you for title, escrow, inspections, mortgage loan affairs, and appraisals.  

Make sure to find a mentor who has more experience than you in real estate, someone who can understand the market and can advise you on how to increase your real estate agent salary.  


  1. Invest in a JV

Another way to find excellent real estate mentors is to invest in a joint venture as a minority partner.  A joint venture can allow you to attract the attention of more experienced investors as they can see the incredible work you do as a real estate agent.

A great place to find a mentor is online.  You can increase your chances of finding a real estate mentor by marketing yourself online.  Some practical ways to do it are: 

  1. Begin Forming Relationships: People will always be your greatest resource.  By building real estate agency relationships you’re bound to find somebody who can take you under their wing and point you in the right direction.
  2. Go to Open Houses: Research for dates and times of open houses near you and show up to meet the real estate agent and propose free assistance.  Tell the real estate agent that you want to shadow somebody, help them out, and learn more about the field.  There is a high probability that if they are working an pen house that they have other work for you that could eventually open doors in your future.

Finding a mentor is crucial for becoming a successful real estate agent.  That’s why it is vital to find someone who can understand your situation, needs, goals, and aspirations as a real estate agent. 

Make sure to form a relationship with your mentor to benefit from your meetings and discussions. While you are networking, it is essential to spend time getting to know people personally.  

If you can trust your mentor, you can become a successful real estate agent.  


Bottom Line 

Remember, if you want to increase your real estate agent salary, it is imperative to find a successful mentor.  If you are not comfortable working with a mentor or can’t find anyone who’s willing, the next option is to look for a broker who offers a good training program.  

 It is crucial to keep in mind that not all people who you meet in a networking environment can work as a real estate mentor for you. Don’t worry!   

That’s why we strongly suggested that you find more than one mentor relationship if you can.  After all, no one says you can only have one at a time.  

Finally, a successful real estate agent values the things the mentor does and listens to his feedback. Take the time to listen, ask questions, avoid getting defensive, and apply his advice when and wherever you can. 


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