How to use Personas to Increase your Marketing Results

An effective real estate marketing plan for massive growth and to increase your real estate commission requires a crucial aspect that many will overlook. This is creating “personas.”

By trying to target the entire market, you will fail to capture any of it with success. You need to know exactly who your ideal target audience is and the different characteristics of the people within that segment market that you can attract. These aspects differentiate them, making them unique and easier to draw towards you.

Why Create A Customer Persona?

The purpose of creating a customer persona is to get to know who your prospects are and what your audience is all about. This way, when you carry out your marketing campaign, the right people are attracted to it.

For example, people with the same interests and things in common will tend to spend time together. The same goes for those with the same goals, ideologies, and opinions.

A persona will help you create an advertisement and marketing campaign that speaks specifically to this unique demographic. They can understand and feel that they are getting value out of it as it aligns with their persona.

There are numerous steps involved in creating an ideal customer persona.




Identify Your Target Market’s Social Media Platform









One of the first and most important things is knowing the individual characteristics of your marketing segments. This includes knowing what social media platform they spend the most time on.

This way, you can use the right platform to capture the appropriate audience and know what time they use the social media platform. As a result, you can launch your campaign to reach your audience at that specific time.

To determine this, you can draw a conclusion based on various demographics, interests, and behaviors, such as age, company, education, income, location, and gender.

You want to try to go as niche and specific as possible for this step. For example, if you are targeting young adults ready to buy their first home, you might identify a target persona as shown in the persona example below:


real estate agent salary


The more specific you can be, the easier it is to target this audience for real estate commission and your marketing plan.

From this information, you may discover they spend the most time on certain social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter and at a specific time, which you can then base your marketing around.

There are three primary reasons why you should identify which social media platform your ideal customers use.


Where To Target

When you perform social media marketing, you’ll know what platforms to reach your audience on and where to find them. Instead of being left in the dark, you will have a clear path on where to start.



A Real Estate Agent Salary

WHO To Target

The different demographics, such as age, education, and geographic locations, use different social media platforms. Therefore, understanding more about who they are will help you learn which platform to target and vice versa.

For example, Facebook can help you build a following, offers enticing call-to-action functions, and can help increase engagement. LinkedIn is unique in its own way for its expert advice, referrals, and influencer interactions as one of the largest professional networks.

HOW To Target

Breaking up your marketing campaigns so that they target smaller and relevant audiences, a process called market segmentation, will allow you to learn who you should target and how to convert a prospect into a client.  For example, each social media platform offers unique marketing opportunities that are exclusive to them and their audience.  Segmenting your audience will give you the data needed to target specific audiences.  Understanding which social media platform to target then follows up with utilizing these marketing tactics that are appropriate for that platform’s audience.  LinkedIn, for instance, is a social media platform with a high concentration of qualified professionals but the average age range is between 35-55 year old’s.  On that note, knowing as much as possible about your market segment will paint you a bigger picture of how to target your audience.


A Real Estate Agent Salary


Psychographic Segmentation

Psychographic segmentation is one of the most powerful marketing tools for building customer personas. This technique involves forming groups according to their unique psychological traits.

These traits are identified by each individual’s lifestyle and preferences that ultimately influence their habits online and within the economy.

Simply put, you learn how one thinks and what they aim to achieve in life. In turn, you can market based on these traits.

Some of the many traits you can discover and utilize include:

  • Music preference
  • Daily activities & hobbies
  • Social status
  • Values, attitude, lifestyle

It’s not just real estate commission that these traits can have an effect on when marketing. It could be any product or service. This is because they need to keep these unique client/customer traits in mind when giving them an ideal solution.

With the power of such immense data online today, you can take note of what influences your ideal target’s decisions. Anything from their online behavioral pattern and accepting cookies on websites to tracing their activity on social media are pieces of data that will assist you in psychographic segmentation.

Consider their demands, goals, and lifestyle choices throughout your real estate commission marketing campaign. You will then alter the outcome of how successful these marketing efforts are.








Social Class and Marketing

Another thing to keep in mind when creating a great customer persona and one that is ideal for your business is to create one that is within one social class.

Social class can help you determine where the person is on the social status scale. For example, if someone often shops for luxury brands of clothing, they are likely listed under the “elite” social class. Those earning a higher income will generally opt for items of higher value and luxury.

A person’s choice of clothes, food, electronics, shoes, cars, activities, and perhaps even their occupation puts them under a certain social class. This may make it easier for you to target as a real estate agent.

Depending on your real estate commission and how experienced you are, you might prefer to target one social class over another.  That is why this is an extremely valuable piece of information!

Never jump straight into a marketing plan for a broad audience. With personas as your guide, you can ensure you don’t waste time, money, or effort on trying to target too many irrelevant customers. Instead, you can thin the crowd and put your marketing message out to those who want to hear it the most.



A Real Estate Agent Salary

A real estate agent salary is based upon Commission. With that said, the amount of houses that you sell will give you a higher income.  Successful real estate agents are not made overnight, it is a journey.  Becoming a successful real estate agent is like going to school. Remember when you went to school when you’re younger?  You did not make friends overnight.  Additionally,  it did not graduate in one year.   The longer you are in real estate, the more acquaintances you will meet.  The bottom line is, eventually you’ll graduate to a level of success.  On that note, a real estate agent salary is not a destination, it is a journey.  Do not seek for immediate gratfication.  You want your career to be life long, not short.



It is also worth noting that when you  you are new in real estate you will be earning commission checks and I will most likely be coming inconsistently.   however, the longer you are in real estatethose commission checks will become more frequent.   Eventually, the goal is to have the constant return of commission checks. When you have constant return of commission, that is when you will have a real estate agent salary.






































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