Building Connections, Relationships, and Trust as a Real Estate Agent

Building mutually satisfying relationships is the heart of building a business as a salesperson.  A salesperson/agent relationship is built by connection, trust, a numerous number of other factors.  In the article below you are going learn what it means to build mutually satisfying relationships, why this is important as a salesperson and the five different […]

Become an Apprentice.  Find a Mentor To Become A Successful Agent.

Become A Real Estate Apprentice.  Find a Mentor To Become A Successful Agent.  Statistically, 90% of real estate agents will fail within the first two years of being licensed.  As a newly authorized real estate agent, your window for finding success is short-lived and you cannot afford to waste these precious years trying to gain […]

Quit Chasing Leads by Appearing #1 on Google – Optimize your Real Estate Marketing Plan

Local SEO is a search engine optimization technique that supports local businesses rank in local searches on search engines, such as Google and Bing so that potential customers can find your place in your demographic area. For example, “Real Estate Agents Near Me” or “The Best Real Estate Agent in Chicago.”     If you […]