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Instagram Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents 

  If you’re a real estate agent, it’s crucial to use Instagram to attract qualified leads. Real estate Instagram accounts are excellent for sharing portfolios while increasing engagement levels.     Through your Instagram account, home buyers, sellers, and other realtors can see the kind of listings you exhibit. Besides, this social media platform is excellent […]

How To Critically Analyze False Real Estate Gurus

    When I was pursuing my communications degree, I was given several assignments where I had to evaluate several real estate websites and rate them on a number scale that determined the quality of the online resource-poor, fair, good, and excellent.    In the real estate field, possessing critical thinking skills is crucial because […]

Boost your Marketing for MASSIVE Growth – 4 BEST TIPS

  If you are interested in marketing growth strategies that will deliver MASSIVE gains then you have come to the right place.  Your marketing communicates your brand, value, class of properties that you choose to associate yourself with, and you should be using marketing strategies to highlight points that differentiate yourself from your competition as […]

The Importance of a Personal Mission Statement For Real Estate Agents

Inspire, One Neighborhood At A Time As a real estate agent, you are probably thinking about selling properties and generating cash flow.   However, have you ever considered writing a personal mission statement to improve your preformance as a real estate agent? This is important for you to become a successful real estate agent because a […]

Pain Points

How Real Estate Agents Can Use Pain Points To Improve Their Marketing To Get More Customers What do lawyers, doctors, smartphones, and utility companies have in common? They all solve people’s pain points. Pain points are specific problems that your prospects are facing.  One main advantage of marketing towards your prospect’s pain points is you […]

Great Sales People Don’t Sell, they Solve

  For real estate agents, successful marketing campaigns involve researching their target audience and identifying the challenges that their prospects face in the real estate market.  Such questions might include:   Do property values need to increase to motivate homeowners to sell? Do interest rates need to come down for prospects to make a purchase on […]

6 Ways to use Marketing Objectives to Create Successful Marketing Campaigns

Marketing objectives are crucial for preparing effective marketing campaigns. You can only get to where you want to be in your career by planning effectively how you will get there. In any type of business, if you try to target the entire market, you will fail to capture any of it because your message is […]

Using SMART Goals to Boost your Real Estate Marketing Plan FINAL

Every real estate agent needs an effective marketing plan in place to achieve massive growth. Your marketing says a lot about your brand, values, and goals.  You should be using marketing in a strategic way to highlight areas of differences that separate your brand from the competition. If you want to maintain enough clientele for […]